January 09, 2009

I'm back!

Song of the day: Praise You by Fatboy Slim (Come on, you can't deny this song. It's too good!)
So now that the holidays are over and I'm finally getting back on schedule (sort of), I figured I'd get back to blogging on a regular basis too. Although I no longer have Internet access in the comfort of my (new!) apartment, I'll attempt to keep up with it either from work or at the school library (my newest haven of solitude).

Alright, now it's sharing time! Here are some Internet finds that I made during my hiatus:

  • Although I don't smoke, I thought these ash trays were pretty B.A., and almost make me wish there was smoking allowed in my building so they could be available for my friends who do smoke.
  • Okay, this girl is too awesome for words because she makes totally nerdy food that I would love to gaze at longingly before I eat it.
  • Yet another Flickr set, Robocop on a Unicorn features a variety of artists' interpretations of this very strange theme.

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