October 18, 2008

Happy Saturday!

I woke up about an hour ago, but I decided to treat everyone's Saturday with something adorable.

Make sure to watch all the way to the end when he mimics eating the lobster...SO CUTE.

October 17, 2008

Cool Stuff I Covet

The neatest item on the ticket tonight includes Kacper Hamilton's 7 Deadly Glasses. The wine glasses are designed to embody the nature of each of the 7 deadly sins, and come in a beautiful velvet-inlayed wooden box, to boot. My favorite is Lust because it looks like a gerbil water container:
Now this one is for Lee and Josh--I give you, GUNDAM SLIPPERS. These things are so cool they even make huge-robotic foot smashing noises with each step you take. Plus, they're gold. I'd be set for my bf's present if these weren't solely available in Japan at the Shibuya store, Tokyu Hands. Bummer...
And for last, something completely pointless: the Endless Peeling Banana keychain. Apparently the soothing sound and feel of peeling a banana is enough to market a simulation of the experience. What makes it better is that the sound of the peeling banana was recorded by voice actress, Saki Fujita, who recently did the voice of Ao Nanami, a mind-reader in the anime Yozakura Quartet.

Oh, Wikipedia...

Apparently I never considered before today that my high school would have a Wikipedia article, because it does. And it's pretty funny. There are a few indiscretions within the article, however, that made me giggle, including:
  • The description of our school colors: "SHIT brown and PISS gold." (despite the fact that the school colors have almost officially been changed to black and gold, to avoid aforementioned abusive adjectives)
  • In the "Notable Alumni" portion, Evan Jager (class of '07) is described as having "flowing, sexy locks and abnormally short shorts." I don't really remember Jager, but I guess his appearance was more memorable than his running record.
  • And last but not least, a very short and incomplete list of school organizations has Asian Club listed, whose description sarcastically asserts, "For Asians...," as if no other description is needed.
I personally wasn't aware there was an Asian Club, but this is still pretty funny. Especially since it's accompanied by nothing more than Interact, Chess Club, Model United Nations, and the HDJ Band. I, for one, have no idea who got a hold of the H.D. Jacobs Wikipedia article and inserted all these little witticisms, but he/she/they deserve a high-five in my opinion.

October 10, 2008

OMG I Want It!

Sweet German sustainable campers made of wood:

This too:
"Graffiti Japan" by Remo Camerota
It's a book that illustrates Japan's take on the Western tradition of graffiti.

Canada Says: "Chocolate is Just Like Marijuana"

Apparently the U.S. Border Patrol in Mexico needs to take some pointers from the Canadian Border Patrol since they will go to any length to convict innocent people as drug smugglers. Ron Obadia and Nadine Artemis, the owners of Toronto-based raw food and beauty care company, Living Libations, were arrested not once, but twice for carrying 2.5 pounds of raw cacao with them across the border. Each time--once by Canada, once by U.S. Customs--their chocolate was tested falsely positive as containing hashish, even after their lawyer called ahead of time to alert authorities that it was just chocolate. Now this couple is facing $22,000 in legal bills for doing nothing more than running a business that caters to raw foodists.

Read the whole article here: NaturalNews.com.

Guess what, people: You Can Pray Anywhere You Want Now!

Artist Dylan Mortimer currently has his work on display in New York's "Art in the Parks" outdoor exhibit. His piece, entitled Public Prayer Booths invites observers to kneel where they stand and pray to the Lord Almighty, right in the middle of Manhattan. Mortimer is quoted saying,
“My goal is to spark dialogue about a topic often avoided, and often treated cynically by the contemporary art world. I employ the visual language of signage and public information systems, using them as a contemporary form of older religious communication systems: stained glass, illuminated manuscripts, church furniture, etc. I balance humor and seriousness, sarcasm and sincerity, in a way that bridges a subject matter that is often presented as heavy or difficult.”

As you can see in the photo above, city-dwellers are quite confused as to the purpose of this "prayer booth" and seem unsure of what to do with it. Is it a phone booth that calls directly to God? Does it warm my hands? Does it now cost money to pray? Do I really have to kneel?

I'm looking forward to when these get covered in graffiti and eventually completely blend in with the urban background.

Hip-Hop Culture Embraces Geek Culture

So the prominent hip-hop clothing line, Marc Ecko, recently came out with a collection dubbed, "The Star Wars Collection." Appropriately so, since it's all licensed by Star Wars. But can you imagine the type of people that might actually purchase these? Gangsta-wannabes dubbed out in their Timbalands and their baggy jeans, rockin' these Star Wars character-themed hoodies over their XXL t-shirts. I can't wait to someday see this person walking down the streets of "Chi-town" so that I may laugh loudly in their face. Much pointing would also ensue.

October 06, 2008

Excited for May 2009

I know it's a long ways away, but there is so much happening in May that I am just way too psyched for. I still have Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and even my birthday to look forward to, but the May line-up is looking much more promising than all of those combined.

First, we have the end of my Spring classes on the 16th. This is pretty sweet on its own and doesn't require much of an explanation as far as I'm concerned.

Second is Anime Central 2009, the 5th largest anime convention in North America, and the best time of my entire life. I have yet to decide what I'm cosplaying as, but I'm going to be sure to have a Japanese school uniform handy for just boppin' around (I LOVE COSPLAY). The ACen mascots are below, spelling out 2009 with their hands (supa-kawaii!).

Third, the operatic stage-adaptation of the 16th century Chinese novel, Journey to the West will be playing at the Spoleto Festival in Charleston, SC on May 22-June 7. It's called Monkey: Journey to the West and is a collaboration between Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett, the same creators who brought us the animated, electronic, monkey-band, Gorillaz (LOOOOVE THEM). Albarn is also the primary song-writer for the band The Good, The Bad, and The Queen (also awesome). I've seen the trailer for the opera, and so far, I'm pretty impressed. Anyone who would like to come along, Lee and I will be making the 13+ hour road-trip as soon as our finals are over and we'd appreciate not only the company, but the extra driving help!

So, as you can see, I can't wait until May. Everything until then is going to feel dull and uneventful; and when it's all over, I'm not sure what I'll have left to look forward to (especially since I'll be pretty damned poor by then). Ah well, I have from now til then to save up, right!

Don't nobody buy me any presents, I'm gonna need the cash!

October 05, 2008

Props to 4chan

I just found these articles that are both quite amusing in their own way. Thanks are given above.

Bashing atheism and women...two categories I fall under, yet I found these extremely hilarious. Who knew?

October 01, 2008

Wii Fit + Japanese Maids = Super-Fun Happy Time Deluxe

There is now a whole new level to playing the Wii Fit. Yes, we've seen the YouTube videos of girls with cute tooshes playing the hula-hoop game, but this is even better. Behold! For only $25, you can rack up the points on your Wii Fit with an adorable Japanese girl dressed as a maid (with cat-ears upon request). This is now available in Akihabara (or Akiba, for short), an area of Tokyo, Japan. So all maid-enthusiasts better save on up for a trip to Nippon, where you can also stop for a healthy lunch at a local maid cafe!