October 17, 2008

Oh, Wikipedia...

Apparently I never considered before today that my high school would have a Wikipedia article, because it does. And it's pretty funny. There are a few indiscretions within the article, however, that made me giggle, including:
  • The description of our school colors: "SHIT brown and PISS gold." (despite the fact that the school colors have almost officially been changed to black and gold, to avoid aforementioned abusive adjectives)
  • In the "Notable Alumni" portion, Evan Jager (class of '07) is described as having "flowing, sexy locks and abnormally short shorts." I don't really remember Jager, but I guess his appearance was more memorable than his running record.
  • And last but not least, a very short and incomplete list of school organizations has Asian Club listed, whose description sarcastically asserts, "For Asians...," as if no other description is needed.
I personally wasn't aware there was an Asian Club, but this is still pretty funny. Especially since it's accompanied by nothing more than Interact, Chess Club, Model United Nations, and the HDJ Band. I, for one, have no idea who got a hold of the H.D. Jacobs Wikipedia article and inserted all these little witticisms, but he/she/they deserve a high-five in my opinion.

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