October 10, 2008

Guess what, people: You Can Pray Anywhere You Want Now!

Artist Dylan Mortimer currently has his work on display in New York's "Art in the Parks" outdoor exhibit. His piece, entitled Public Prayer Booths invites observers to kneel where they stand and pray to the Lord Almighty, right in the middle of Manhattan. Mortimer is quoted saying,
“My goal is to spark dialogue about a topic often avoided, and often treated cynically by the contemporary art world. I employ the visual language of signage and public information systems, using them as a contemporary form of older religious communication systems: stained glass, illuminated manuscripts, church furniture, etc. I balance humor and seriousness, sarcasm and sincerity, in a way that bridges a subject matter that is often presented as heavy or difficult.”

As you can see in the photo above, city-dwellers are quite confused as to the purpose of this "prayer booth" and seem unsure of what to do with it. Is it a phone booth that calls directly to God? Does it warm my hands? Does it now cost money to pray? Do I really have to kneel?

I'm looking forward to when these get covered in graffiti and eventually completely blend in with the urban background.

1 comment:

  1. remove the word "prayer" and that booth looks like it's intended for one of two things.

    1.) washing your hands
    2.) handjobs

    Important public services either way.