October 17, 2008

Cool Stuff I Covet

The neatest item on the ticket tonight includes Kacper Hamilton's 7 Deadly Glasses. The wine glasses are designed to embody the nature of each of the 7 deadly sins, and come in a beautiful velvet-inlayed wooden box, to boot. My favorite is Lust because it looks like a gerbil water container:
Now this one is for Lee and Josh--I give you, GUNDAM SLIPPERS. These things are so cool they even make huge-robotic foot smashing noises with each step you take. Plus, they're gold. I'd be set for my bf's present if these weren't solely available in Japan at the Shibuya store, Tokyu Hands. Bummer...
And for last, something completely pointless: the Endless Peeling Banana keychain. Apparently the soothing sound and feel of peeling a banana is enough to market a simulation of the experience. What makes it better is that the sound of the peeling banana was recorded by voice actress, Saki Fujita, who recently did the voice of Ao Nanami, a mind-reader in the anime Yozakura Quartet.

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