October 10, 2008

Canada Says: "Chocolate is Just Like Marijuana"

Apparently the U.S. Border Patrol in Mexico needs to take some pointers from the Canadian Border Patrol since they will go to any length to convict innocent people as drug smugglers. Ron Obadia and Nadine Artemis, the owners of Toronto-based raw food and beauty care company, Living Libations, were arrested not once, but twice for carrying 2.5 pounds of raw cacao with them across the border. Each time--once by Canada, once by U.S. Customs--their chocolate was tested falsely positive as containing hashish, even after their lawyer called ahead of time to alert authorities that it was just chocolate. Now this couple is facing $22,000 in legal bills for doing nothing more than running a business that caters to raw foodists.

Read the whole article here: NaturalNews.com.

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