August 13, 2008

An Ode to Mark Twain

I thought I'd take a moment to highlight my favorite and least favorite fashion item of this season. Well, one of them can be considered fashion, the other I just like to wear a lot. Anyways, here it goes!

Apparently skinny jeans are gone. They're not gone, but they should be according to the powers that be (i.e. all those people that get paid a lot of money to decide what's fashionable or not every know those types). Replacing them are these:

Now I'm not trying to be mean (for those of you whose first reaction was, "OMG, those are cute!"), but I don't care if you're wearing patent leather heels or gladiator sandals with these, you look like Tom Sawyer. You would be much better suited wearing these barefoot with a frayed rope belt holding a makeshift fishing pole. Yet this is it, girls! This is what you're supposed to be replacing all the jeans in your closet with: these baggy, high-waisted, torn apart rolled up pieces of crap. I seriously think we're taking a BIG step backward with these abominations.

As for what I now love, it's simple. I recently splurged ($5
) on a packet of boys' undershirts from Fruit of the Loom, and I'll tell you! Simple and stylish (like a feminine James Dean), I wear one almost everyday, for everything. Wear one with jeans, wear one under a sweater, wear one under a button-up shirt--everything. I even end the day by changing into some basketball shorts and wearing it to bed. These are the coolest and most comfortable clothing item I own (and totally cheap!).

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