August 12, 2008

Link Dump

Obama doesn't have any issues with securing the youth vote, but what about all those people over 65?

If you like sex, and you think personifying syphilis as a psycho-slasher is funny, you'll love this site and their videos.

College Candy has some funny writers.

Apparently some people are protesting Tropic Thunder, hardcore.

Maury used to be my favorite talk-show host, but now I know that he's just really mean. (okay, so the video is pretty funny...)

But I don't wanna be growed up yet!

Do something nice for a change: buy a bracelet and help those suffering in Darfur. I usually don't endorse stuff like this, but buying an $8 bracelet is a lot different from spending $200 on a red iPod that you would have bought anyway, just so you can get that self-satisfied sensation that results in enjoying the smell of your own farts.

Oh my gosh, please don't let this man be president.

I'm just going to link to the slew of Conservatire bullshit on Let Freedom Ring's website.

You have no idea how much I feel for this girl.

Okay, I think I'll stop now...more to come later.

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