August 14, 2008

I hate Miley Cyrus

I think I've mentioned on my Facebook how much I hate Miley Cyrus. She's not that talented and she writes horrible lyrics; and she may be pretty but that doesn't make up for all her undeserved stardom and her sub-par vocal skills. I'm sick of hearing about Hannah Montana all the time and I want her to perish underneath the rubble of her failure. That's why I'm proposing a Miley Cyrus replacement. Meet Savannah Outen:

She's obviously much better than Miley and her stupid song about simultaneously loving and hating a boy (i.e. "Seven Things"). The song above makes me want to rock out, whereas Miley's song just makes me want to puke. Savannah is also fifteen-years-old, but what makes this girl better is that she's already beat out Miley AND The Jonas Brothers on Radio Disney as the #1 request. Kids already love her! She writes all her own songs, she plays guitar (a neato one, I might add), and she's been Internet famous for quite awhile now on YouTube. Very cool. This is clearly someone who deserves and who has earned some spotlight; unlike Miley who has just been riding on the coattails of her father, Billy Rae. (Does anyone else not get that? "Achey Breaky Heart" was horrible! Oh gosh...I think it's getting stuck in my head.)

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