August 27, 2008

My First In-Class Writing Assignment for ENG 201

So I totally rocked my in-class writing assignment on Tuesday. The topic was, "your name." Lame, I know, but you have no idea how many people followed this prompt with an extremely boring account of the history of their name plus the biblical meaning. /snore.

Here's what I wrote; it inspired quite a bit of laughter from the class:
Princess. My name, Sarah, means "princess." Do I look like a princess? Even when I was a kid, this name didn't suit me. I wasn't girly at all; I wore primarily overalls, turtlenecks and those yellow CAT construction boots that my parents found at K-Mart. If asked to wear a dress, I'd throw a fit. I hated them. The only time my parents could force me into something other than pants was for special occasions, like Christmas or someone else's birthday. I would never wear a dress for my own birthday, though; that was my day and I'd wear what I wanted. I also never wore jewelry, and I still don't. I certainly never owned a costume tiara, either. And the closest I ever got to being a princess was the board game, "Pretty Pretty Princess," which I played with the bratty girl down the street. But, of course, I always lost. Rather, I was cursed with the opaque black ring that marked me as such.

Ever since I found out the meaning of my name in 8th grade, I have despised it. It all happened when ever confirmation class graduate received a plaque that listed our names, the meaning of our names, and then some ridiculous bible scripture that was supposed to go along with it. Actually, that's when everyone found out. Everyone in the group excitedly went around and shared what their name meant with everyone else. I tried to hide my plaque, but 8th graders are vicious and there was no avoiding it. When my friend Emily finally wrestled it away from me and read it, her mouth fell open and her eyes got wide. Who would've guessed that Sarah Stallard, the girl who has worn black t-shirts and jeans every day, could have a name that meant, "princess." Everyone else was as aghast as she was when she announced it out loud. The laughter began when I snatched the plaque back from her hands in hopeless desperation.

What made the discovery worse was that my best friend Ryan's name meant, "prince." You can imagine how much fun that was; the two of us were eaten alive. We may have been on the verge of high school, but that age-old playground song still rings in my head: "Sarah and Ryan, sitting in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G!" Those who remember that day still won't let it go. If we were seen walking through the school halls together, we'd hear, "Make way for Prince Ryan and Princess Sarah!" as everyone made a path. It was annoying, but we got to class faster than anyone else.

Other than that unpleasant period in my life, however, no one ever called me, "princess"--thank god. Sure, that's what my name meant, but my parents didn't name me Sarah so people would treat me like royalty. My Mom actually named me so there was no way anyone could bastardize it with a nickname. "Sarah" can't be shortened or altered in any way, like the names, "Katelyn" or "Christina" can. You can't call me "Sar," or "Rah" or anything ridiculous. You also can't call me, "Princess," because I'll probably never speak to you again.

August 24, 2008

Genshiken: The Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture

Raise your hand if you know what the term, "otaku" means. Not too many of you, eh? Well, for those of you with your hands raised, keep reading. For those of you who don't have your hands raised, you may as well stop here because you probably won't give two shits about what this article has to say.

Moving on...if you haven't already heard of Genshiken, you need to torrent that shit and get to watchin' because this is the most otaku-tacular anime you'll ever lay your obsessed little eyes on. Every second of it will remind you of your friends and how otaku come in every shape and size, even the type that denounce their own kind. It's basically about a club at a Japanese college devoted to everything otaku: music, video games, anime, manga, doujinshi, yaoi, cosplay, etc. I probably relate the most to Ohno-san as she loves cosplaying as much as I do! Granted I don't have the resources to cosplay as often as she does, but I would if I could! You'll probably see a little bit of each character in yourself, however, as they're all so diverse (except for the chairman, that guy's just fucking weird!).

To save you the Wikipedia look-up, the first season is 12 episodes long, there's a 3 episode OVA, and the second season is also 12 episodes. Unfortunately, that's all there is at the moment. There's still chance for a third season, however, since Genshiken 2 finished airing in Japan around X-mas of 2007. Of course, any idea of a third season is merely rumor and speculation...

But a girl can hope!

August 19, 2008

Chris Thile: Awesome Motherfucker

I really love Chris Thile. Whenever I think of the most talented musician I know of, I think of Chris Thile. His solo albums were fantastic, and his musical career with Nickel Creek was pretty awesome too. Now he's formed a band called Punch Brothers, and seriously you guys? Best fucking thing I've heard in my life. I saw them at Dunegrass recently in Empire, Michigan, and not only do they sound just as good as their album, they sound better. Their album, "Punch," is so full of raw emotion and the lyrics in all the songs leave you wondering why they don't start careers in poetry as well and being the baddest (and youngest?) motherfuckers in bluegrass. When I heard Thile sing, "Tell me why I haven't been healed/I haven't changed and nothing's been revealed," it brought me to tears (which I stealthily hid behind my fist-sized sunglass lenses). You could tell he put his heart and soul into writing his the four-part movement, "The Blind Leaving the Blind."

So yeah, basically, check them out because even if you're a musical elitist that has sworn yourself against folk, bluegrass, or anything that isn't plugged into the wall, you can't help but at least appreciate the insurmountable talent these boys have. Appreciate it and get down on your knees and praise them for it, that is.

August 14, 2008

I hate Miley Cyrus

I think I've mentioned on my Facebook how much I hate Miley Cyrus. She's not that talented and she writes horrible lyrics; and she may be pretty but that doesn't make up for all her undeserved stardom and her sub-par vocal skills. I'm sick of hearing about Hannah Montana all the time and I want her to perish underneath the rubble of her failure. That's why I'm proposing a Miley Cyrus replacement. Meet Savannah Outen:

She's obviously much better than Miley and her stupid song about simultaneously loving and hating a boy (i.e. "Seven Things"). The song above makes me want to rock out, whereas Miley's song just makes me want to puke. Savannah is also fifteen-years-old, but what makes this girl better is that she's already beat out Miley AND The Jonas Brothers on Radio Disney as the #1 request. Kids already love her! She writes all her own songs, she plays guitar (a neato one, I might add), and she's been Internet famous for quite awhile now on YouTube. Very cool. This is clearly someone who deserves and who has earned some spotlight; unlike Miley who has just been riding on the coattails of her father, Billy Rae. (Does anyone else not get that? "Achey Breaky Heart" was horrible! Oh gosh...I think it's getting stuck in my head.)

Awesome! I want one...

You have to check out these sweet light fixtures that little boys around the world are most likely lusting after if they have a respectable bone in their body:

There are 4 models, but I'm only picturing 2. On the left is the T-Rex (as I'm sure you know) lit up, and on the left is the triceratops unlit. There's also a brontosaurus and a pterodactyl. I'm pretty sure these are the coolest lights ever. What makes them better is that you assemble them yourself! I personally love DIY, so that's a perk. Only $26! I'm pretty sure I'm going to buy the triceratops, as it has my name in it.

Less talk, more Barack

You's just been Barack Roll'd.

70's Flashback

I recently found an article on that explained how scientists were again testing psychedelic drugs on patients with mortal illnesses, just like the Swiss LSD trials in the 1970's. They hope to discover whether or not psilocybin, the active ingredient found in magic mushrooms, will help these patients faced with death discover a more optimistic point of view. One woman, Pamela Sakuda, who was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, was a part of these trials and describes her psilocybin experience as very mind-opening and cleansing. (The video is a little lengthy, but I quoted an edited portion of what she says underneath.)

"As the session began, and as it built up, I felt this lump of emotions welling up and firming up almost like an entity. I started to cry a little. Then it started to dissipate and I started to look at it differently and I think that is the beauty of being able to expand your consciousness. I don't think the drug is the cause of these things. I think it is a catalyst that allows you to release your own thoughts and feelings from some place that you have bound them to very tightly. I began to realise that all of this negative fear and the guilt was such a hindrance to making the most of and enjoying the healthy time that I'm having - however long it may be. I was not utilising it to the best and enjoying my life because I was so afraid of what wasn't there yet. These substances occur in our natural world and people have been using them for thousands of years to treat physical illness, to treat social and behavioural problems."
After listening to her describe her experience on the drug, and her outlook on how it can help other patients with situations similar to her own, I began to think that this would be a good idea. I in no way agree with using it as a recreational drug. But I know that if I were to hear that I only had a year, a couple months, or even a few weeks left to live, my mind would be flooded with worries, as Sakuda explained. I would much rather be put into the mindset that I should make the most of the time I have left--something I imagine is very difficult to achieve on one's own. If the scientific community decides to support this endeavor, I would support it. I would want it for myself, for my family members, and for those I love if they were ever faced with the horrible news of impending death.

August 13, 2008

Praying Won't Get You Anywhere

Steward Shepherd wants you to pray for rain so Barack Obama's speech at the Democratic Convention won't take place. Steward Shepherd seems to think god is on his side. Steward Shepherd believes prayer can get you anything you want, no matter how petty. Steward Shepherd repeats himself too much. What Steward Shepherd doesn't realize is that it won't matter if it rains during the Democratic Convention. It won't matter if Obama is unable to deliver his speech, and it won't matter if Republicans around the country are cheering because of it. What matters is even if this ridiculous situation were to take place, even if the entire 3-day convention was rained out, it wouldn't stop people from voting for Barack Obama.

Would it be wrong if I wished intensely in my own head that McCain wasn't elected President?

Second Link Dump

This article nearly made me cry.

This webcomic is giving a whole new meaning to Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.

Who knew Christian Bale was such an angry man?

This game is perfect for all you Windows or Mac elitists.

I couldn't have said it any better: Teacher Burns Student in the Name of the Lord.

I'm so glad my father never asked me to do this with him.

Okay so I'm a huge fangirl of College Candy...but check out this article about your college degree.

That should be the last link dump for awhile...I was just hauling all of the links from my posted items over here. It was annoying.

Laughable Content

I just found this t-shirt design and had to share it with everyone.
Early word out of Hollywood is that the new Transformers sequel is going to feature Baracktimus Prime in a major role. Instead of a robot that turns into something else, he is going to play a President who turns into a robot once he takes office.

Wait, that sounds like every President...

An Ode to Mark Twain

I thought I'd take a moment to highlight my favorite and least favorite fashion item of this season. Well, one of them can be considered fashion, the other I just like to wear a lot. Anyways, here it goes!

Apparently skinny jeans are gone. They're not gone, but they should be according to the powers that be (i.e. all those people that get paid a lot of money to decide what's fashionable or not every know those types). Replacing them are these:

Now I'm not trying to be mean (for those of you whose first reaction was, "OMG, those are cute!"), but I don't care if you're wearing patent leather heels or gladiator sandals with these, you look like Tom Sawyer. You would be much better suited wearing these barefoot with a frayed rope belt holding a makeshift fishing pole. Yet this is it, girls! This is what you're supposed to be replacing all the jeans in your closet with: these baggy, high-waisted, torn apart rolled up pieces of crap. I seriously think we're taking a BIG step backward with these abominations.

As for what I now love, it's simple. I recently splurged ($5
) on a packet of boys' undershirts from Fruit of the Loom, and I'll tell you! Simple and stylish (like a feminine James Dean), I wear one almost everyday, for everything. Wear one with jeans, wear one under a sweater, wear one under a button-up shirt--everything. I even end the day by changing into some basketball shorts and wearing it to bed. These are the coolest and most comfortable clothing item I own (and totally cheap!).

August 12, 2008

Link Dump

Obama doesn't have any issues with securing the youth vote, but what about all those people over 65?

If you like sex, and you think personifying syphilis as a psycho-slasher is funny, you'll love this site and their videos.

College Candy has some funny writers.

Apparently some people are protesting Tropic Thunder, hardcore.

Maury used to be my favorite talk-show host, but now I know that he's just really mean. (okay, so the video is pretty funny...)

But I don't wanna be growed up yet!

Do something nice for a change: buy a bracelet and help those suffering in Darfur. I usually don't endorse stuff like this, but buying an $8 bracelet is a lot different from spending $200 on a red iPod that you would have bought anyway, just so you can get that self-satisfied sensation that results in enjoying the smell of your own farts.

Oh my gosh, please don't let this man be president.

I'm just going to link to the slew of Conservatire bullshit on Let Freedom Ring's website.

You have no idea how much I feel for this girl.

Okay, I think I'll stop now...more to come later.

I'm glad to see you found the place...

This is my first post, and I have a lot of exciting new ideas for posts in the future. Well, they're exciting to me at least. As some of you may know, I spend the majority of my time on the Internet. So I've finally decided to jump on the blogger bandwagon and do a little blogging of my own. I mean, I spend so much time reading other people's blogs...why can't I have one of my own? Plus, I've been sharing articles and other miscellaneous items I find on the Internet on my Facebook page, and no one seems to ever look at them! Maybe this new medium will get people more interested.

As for what I'll be posting in the future, you can expect the following:
  • More articles and things I find on the Internet that are interesting. (I'll also be transferring all 30+ posted items from my Facebook to here in a short while...) This may include topics such as current events, fashion, music, movies, news, the '08 election and whatever the hell else I see fit.
  • I'll probably rant every once in awhile about how much I hate my bust. (yes, I mean "bust" as in my boobs)
  • Personal stuff like what I see in the city that day...maybe I'll bore you with things about my new school. I'll try not to make this a journal, but some things can't be avoided.
  • There will be other random things, as well...I already have an idea for some unconventional "How To" posts that may spark some people's interests.
Well, I suppose that's all for now. And for those of you who may have questions about my URL...I totally thought it up out of nowhere; my blog will probably have nothing to do with sparkles, sunshine, or unicorns; and no, I'm not going to change it. Well then, BYE!

Update: It should be known that I'll be doing the majority of my "blogging" after work, which means after 6-7pm. So if you check here regularly, don't expect new posts in the middle of the day.